SNT Textile was established in 1995, in Organized Industrial Area of Bursa, for the purpose of research, manufacture and trade of woven textiles. SNT’s production is on fashion fabrics, consisting mainly of cotton, viscose, linen and their blends. By 2005, SNT started using organic cotton and later on added more sustainable raw materials, as Viscose Ecovero, Tencel and Refibra for its’ sustainable collection. As of 2011, apart from the fabrics, SNT started producing finished products, as fashion and home accessories. Together with the digital print investment, SNT can weave, print and manufacture custom weave constructions, customers’ own designs and products.   

SNT Textile, giving importance to sustainability and mother earth, has also initiated number of brands, consisting of products with only sustainable raw materials, ecological prints and responsible manufacturing.

Thanks for being in the first ever ‘Eco’ Industiral Area of Turkey, BOSB ( Industrial area of Bursa ), all the water discharges from the facilities with in the industrial area are being processed and reused by the occupants of the industrial area. SNT will also be investing on Solar Energy until the end of 2022 and plan to selfgenerate approx. 10% of its’ electricity consumption.