The power of seaweed in a fiber.

Seacell is a fiber made exclusively from sustainable raw materials – wood and seaweed – using methods that save both energy and resources.. The seaweed is washed, dried, carefully ground and incorporated into the cellulose fiber, from which textiles for a wide variety of applications are made. It is completely biodegradable.

Harvesting of the seaweed is a gentle, selective and, most importantly, sustainable process. It removes only the part of the seaweed that is able to regenerate. The seaweed is entirely untreated and all its ecological value is retained.

Active ingredients from sea with a positive effect on the skin

The unique properties of seaweed help to protect our skin against the harmful environmental influences which we are exposed to in our daily lives. The seaweed is pure and rich in essential substances such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals.

The substances found in seaweed help to activate cell regeneration, which in turn can help to relieve skin diseases, reduce inflammation and soothe itchiness. Its high level of antioxidants protects the skin against harmful free radicals, which damage our skin cells.

The natural moisture level of the skin enables an active exchange of those beneficial substances between the fiber and the skin, providing a noticeable sense of wellbeing.

We have recently started developing fabrics by Lyocell Seacell. Our new collections and developments will contain more for coming seasons. Apart from fabrics for fashionwear, some collections for home textiles are also planned.