SNT Tekstil has been mastering the weaving of natural fibers such as cotton, viscose and linen since its’ foundation in 1995. With the new millennium, environmental concerns for conventional textile cultivation and productions have increased globally; regardingly, the request for more sustainable textile production has gained more importance. First organic cotton weaving production in 2006, since then SNT has shifted more towards, sustainable fibers. Apart from organic cotton; Viscose Ecovero, Lyocell Tencel, Lyocell Refibra and Lyocell Seacell have been covering half of the yearly fabric production.

Capacity to weave from 50 cms up to 2 meters of width, 100% or blends of above fibers are used in the production phase; both, raw and yarn/dyed. Weaving archive holds more than 2000 designs; plain weaves, checks, dobby effects; produced within the last 25 years. SNT also offers rotary and digital printed fabrics, with customer’s own designs and colors.