SNT EcoVero fabrics are produced with, EcoVero™ branded viscose fibers of Lenzing, achieve the next milestone in sustainability; using eco-friendly viscose fibers, which have the lowest environmental impact in the viscose fiber industry; added value by weaving,dying and finishing of these fabrics with responsible, sustainable processes.

The environmental awareness of consumers has been growing steadily over the last decade, more recently in the fashion and textile industry. Textile consumption is expected to double by 2025, and the industry is anxiously looking for more sustainable solutions with minimal eco-footprint. Achieving low environmental impact requires developing eco-friendly raw materials and a sustainable manufacturing process. EcoVero yarn production built on three main themes: the use of sustainable wood sources (FSC® or PEFC® certified), an ecological production process (significantly lower emissions and water impact than conventional viscose), and full supply chain transparency by identifying EcoVero™ fibers in the final product.

EcoVero fiber is woven, dyed or printed according to GOTS processes in order to have the fabric fully reliable and enviromental friendly, although no certifications can be made like GOTS, apart from the Lenzing’s fiber identification. This way, consumer and brands feel assured that they benefit from the most sustainable viscose products; produced by renewable raw material and strict enviromental standards.